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What Does Living Your Best Life Really Mean?

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Social media is filled with the caption and hashtag “Living my best life!” Often it accompanies a photo of someone traveling, enjoying themselves at an event or even drinking a cup of coffee. In 2005 Oprah Magazine published a book called Living Your Best Life. Then in 2010, Oprah herself hosted an event titled “Live Your Best Life.” Though the same phrase has been used in song lyrics, I credit Oprah with really making it a catchphrase. Read more about What Does Living Your Best Life Really Mean?


Excelsior businesses are using the hashtag #exploreexcelsior to not only promote their stores and restaurants, but to involve community members in the local shop scene.

To participate, Instagram users post pictures of different places in Excelsior with the hashtag. Once a month, the businesses who run the campaign choose a favorite photo, and the photographer wins a prize from one of the participating locations.
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