SkyBrothers Paragliding Soars to New Heights

Take to the sky, and you’ll never know who or what you’ll meet. “I’ve had eagles off my wing, just checking me out,” Alex Peterson says. “Actually, they’re really good guides. On one flight, I met three turkey vultures at 500 feet. I sailed and soared with them until we reached 15,000 feet.”

Peterson of Wayzata is a pilot and instructor at SkyBrothers Paragliding. He is easy to identify; his pickup truck is rigged up with a 6,000-foot spool of line that is mounted on what looks like an aluminum winch—all used to hoist paragliders up, up and away. Read more about SkyBrothers Paragliding Soars to New Heights

Perk Really at Play

Eric Perkins

The schoolyard can be a microclimate for all sorts of shenanigans, melees and levels of social hierarchy at the most ridiculous levels, but who knew that recess could lay the groundwork for a future in television sports reporting. Read more about Perk Really at Play



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