st. patrick's day

Shake Up Treat

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Even if you’re not Irish, can we admit that leprechauns, rainbows and pots of gold give us a great excuse to celebrate? Other than a pint of Guinness, another popular way to indulge in St. Paddy’s Day cheer is with the infamous Shamrock Shake from a popular fast food burger joint. Read more about Shake Up Treat

Celebrate the luck of the Irish

Irish Whiskey

St. Patrick’s Day—when it comes to this day, many people become Irish, wearing a bit of green or having a beer.

For people like me, I am Irish every day, so I take this day off! To best celebrate the snakes being driven from Ireland, I am a purist, and tradition is what I prefer. We cook corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, and I have some beverage suggestions to serve on this fun day.

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