Peace of Mind

living room

‘Tis the season for Snow Birds and winter travelers to chart their courses due south for extended stays or quick vacations. Regardless of the excursion’s duration, one of the last things anyone wants to worry about while away is the well-being of his/her home—enter Michael Frey and Elite Home Professional. Read more about Peace of Mind


Don’t Settle When it Comes to Your Vacation

Mollie Krengel takes a reflective pause while at The Joshua Tree House in Tucson, Ariz.

It’s only fitting in this month’s home issue to chat a bit about vacationing in a rental home, such as VRBO or Airbnb. While hotel amenities are appreciated, we’ve had fantastic experiences staying in a rental when traveling with kids or on a romantic weekend getaway. Personally, I don’t settle for just any rental—the aesthetic of your home away from home is key. Read more about Don’t Settle When it Comes to Your Vacation

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