Blooming Yogis

Blooma is well known among new moms, soon-to-be-moms and veteran moms alike. The prenatal yoga classes and new-mom groups are just a few of the reasons women have been flocking to the Selby Avenue studio for more than three and a half years. Now, little yogis can join the Blooma community, with toddler, kids and tween classes and workshops covering everything from downward dogs and relaxation techniques to menstruation and celebrating what it means to be a woman.

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Yoga for Men at The Marsh

Men of the lake area can soon find calm during The Marsh’s Yoga for Men series. Liz Anema, program director at The Marsh, says Yoga for Men: Stretch Your Boundaries aims to provide a comfortable space for men to safely practice and learn about yoga.

According to Anema, the class is designed to help men be comfortable in their physical bodies by increasing flexibility, lessening stress and promoting mental sharpness through different yoga techniques and styles designed for the male musculature. Read more about Yoga for Men at The Marsh


The Union Depot Hosts Free Yoga for Yogis and Newcomers Alike

For some, trying Yoga can be a daunting prospect. Between registration costs and the prospect of tackling all those poses, starting yoga can seem challenging. Luckily for the beginner—or the experienced yogi—free yoga at Union Depot offers accessible and high-quality classes twice a week through a partnership with Studio925 Yoga by CorePower Yoga & Spa. Read more about The Union Depot Hosts Free Yoga for Yogis and Newcomers Alike


Yoga Encore

Bright and early on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday mornings, you’ll find a diverse group of yoga students gathered at Williston Fitness Center in Minnetonka. Fifteen minutes before class begins, the room starts to fill with laughter and conversation, evidence that many of these yogis have practiced together for years. Yoga mats are spread out over the floor as men and women, professionals and retirees, millennials and baby boomers all gather for a practice centered on mind, body and spirit. Read more about Yoga Encore

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