Third Annual Crappie Flop Ice Fishing Tournament

Excelsior Bay hosts the third-annual Crappie Flop Ice Fishing Tournament

Kyle Rooney never learned to ice fish. But that didn’t deter him from founding Lake Minnetonka’s first ice fishing tournament three years ago.

The Crappie Flop Ice Fishing Tournament rewards participants for the largest fish caught. Rooney noticed the lack of ice fishing tournaments in the Lake Minnetonka area and set out to fundraise for a worthy cause. He partnered with the Metropolis Rugby Club to benefit the Tips Outdoors Foundation. Tips provides support for families through outdoor activities. “It helps kids enjoy the outdoors,” says Rooney.

Participants do not have to have fishing equipment or previous ice fishing experience. Professional fisherman Mark Tipler and fishing expert Ryan Patrick assist and offer tips. The tournament’s prime location, near Bayside Grill and Maynards, allows for food deliveries and an escape from the cold.

“It’s crazy that we don’t have a really, really big [ice fishing tournament] here in the Twin Cities,” says Rooney. “There’s no better place than Lake Minnetonka.”


WHAT: Third Annual Crappie Flop Ice Fishing Tournament
WHERE: Excelsior Bay, Lake Minnetonka
WHEN: February 22, 11 a.m.
COST: $20 for first pole, $25 for two poles