Tighten Your Core

Fitness boutique Solidcore opens in Wayzata.

Solidcore, new to Wayzata last August, is a boutique-style gym that uses the slow and controlled resistance technique of the Solidcore machine to work muscles to failure. But don’t get freaked out—this technique provides a workout that’s both mentally and physically challenging. Tom Jacobson opened the first Minnesota Solidcore location in St. Louis Park with his wife, Alyssa, after a muscle-shaking, glutes-on-fire workout at a location in Washington, D.C.

“We left humbled and excited, and we knew we stumbled upon something special,” says Jacobson. “And we couldn’t stop talking about it when we got home.” After opening the St. Louis Park location, the couple wanted to expand their reach. They asked clients where they would like to see a second location. And while they noticed that there were a few boutique-style workout facilities in the Wayzata area, there was still a need for small, personalized fitness studios. “We’re not your big-box, gym-type feel,” says Jacobson. “It’s a family; it’s a friendship.”

Jacobson explains that Solidcore can help people of all abilities push past their fitness plateaus. “Not all of us have the same fitness goals,” he says. “Regardless, we all have those continual internal mountains that we want to reach the peak of, and we all have different reasons why exercise is important.”Jacobson also says that Solidcore provides a safe exercise environment for athletes and adults dealing with injuries, because of the slow, low-impact nature of the movements. “Solidcore is an intensity on muscles that I had never felt before without impact. All my joints just feel amazing.”

820 Mill St., Wayzata