Tonkadale Greenhouse Offers Workshops for Winter Decorations

Jessie Jacobson shares her tips and instructions for the perfect spruce pot.

Stumped on decorating your home exterior for the holidays? Jessie Jacobson, owner of Tonkadale Greenhouse, has a few suggestions. Instead of “razzle-dazzle” decorations, she recommends plant-based winter neutrals with accents of twigs, bark and a metallic element. This way, your decorations last all season. Spruce-top pots are a yearly favorite, because they can last from November to February. Check out one of Tonkadale’s workshops, where visitors can “design the spruce top of their dreams that will last all winter,” Jacobson says.

Tonkadale Greenhouse
3739 Tonkawood Road
Minnetonka //   952.938.6480

Holiday decorating workshops:
December 2–3 at 2 p.m.
Registration is required.
Visit the website to find more workshops for the holidays.