Tribute to a Legend

Regina Marie Williams is set to put a spell on audiences as Nina Simone at the Park Square Theatre.

Born in North Carolina in 1933, Nina Simone would go on to find success in several roles: singer, songwriter, pianist and civil rights activist. Thirteen years after her death, Simone’s legacy and message remain timeless. In the upcoming Nina Simone: Four Women at the Park Square Theatre, actress Regina Marie Williams will bring the iconic vocalist to life.

The musical, written by Christina Ham and directed by Faye M. Price, is set in the 1960s during the civil rights movement and explores themes of race, identity and what it means to be a black woman facing a harsh and unjust society. Nina Simone’s politically charged music brought these issues to light at a time when most African-American women were silenced. Williams will pay tribute to the life and music of the talented singer on the Park Square’s intimate Andy Boss Thrust Stage.