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Managing Editor

St. Louis Park Magazine editor Julie Pfitzinger has been a Twin Cities writer for more than 15 years, with experience writing about family life, education, health and wellness, the arts and much more. She has been writing for Tiger Oak publications for several years; she is enjoying meeting so many interesting people in St. Louis Park and helping to tell the stories of a truly fascinating community. Julie is an avid reader of books, newspapers and of course, magazines. She loves cycling - both indoors and outdoors.  Call her a big fan of series like House of Cards, The Newsroom, Mad Men and Downton Abbey. Julie and her husband are the parents of two children -- a son about to graduate from college (yay!) with a degree in broadcast journalism and a daughter who just started college in September in a much warmer climate. Lucky her.  Julie always welcomes your story suggestions, questions, comments and feedback. 


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