Wayzata’s Community Website, Wayzata.com

Community website keeps neighbors connected.

Wayzata’s calendar rarely sees a dull moment, so it can sometimes feel hard to keep up with the abundance of community events and local news. Wayzata.com is a convenient resource that has information about local events, dining and shopping opportunities, school events and much more.

Wayzata resident Dan Gustafson purchased the Wayzata.com domain in 1999 after several years of experience in e-commerce and real estate. He hoped to attract tourists and provide useful information for locals, which is exactly what draws visitors to the website year after year. Gustafson brings Wayzata.com to life with posts about events, volunteer opportunities, city government meetings and decisions, and other content. He also includes photos and videos of local happenings and attractions.

Gustafson, his wife Elisha, and their three daughters live in downtown Wayzata, where they are right in the center of all the action.

Gustafson recently conducted a survey of Wayzata residents, asking what they’d like to see on Wayzata.com. “Wayzata.com users are interested in finding and posting photographs, interacting with a comprehensive calendar of events, and finding information on places to eat and drink,” says Gustafson. They also want to be able to “rate these [dining] establishments, find information on how to buy and sell a house, where to bank, where to worship, information on plumbers, painters, and handymen, where to send the children to school and how to navigate to the school district websites.”

He plans to add or improve most of these elements on Wayzata.com, as well as adding sports coverage, and a marketplace for buying and selling items.