Wayzata's Bookcase Looking to Move

With hopes of expansion, Wayzata’s The Bookcase is looking for a new locale.

With more and more independent bookstores doubling as coffee shops and gift stores, Wayzata’s long time Lake Street staple The Bookcase is also looking to expand.

“The main thing that we’ve taken into consideration is our own desire to grow and diversify our business,” owner Charlie Leonard says. Unfortunately, the shop’s current locale is not fit for such expansions.

Though no moving plans are finalized, The Bookcase is considering new locations in downtown Wayzata and hoping for plans to be finalized by the end of the summer. “We want to continue to be the best independent bookstore in the state of Minnesota,” Leonard says. “We want to be a regional center for author events and book signings, and be the center of social life in the city of Wayzata.”