Best Sip

Prunotto Barolo 2012
Savor rose petal, eucalyptus, herb and tobacco notes. 

I’ve chosen a wonderful Barolo for our Best of Sip feature for a couple reasons. This region is just a small portion of greater Piedmont in northwestern Italy, known for a variety of wonderful reds. It is often overlooked as it can be quite expensive. Piedmont makes great wine, no doubt, but Barolo in particular is a very robust, full-bodied red wine, but it is also very delicate, layered and complex. 

Barolo is incredibly age-worthy, and it can be enjoyed young or aged for decades. Barolo must be made from 100 percent nebbiolo, a very thick skinned and tannic grape that makes for its complexity and a great bouquet. Top descriptors include rose petal, eucalyptus, herb and tobacco notes. 

(Prunotto Barolo 2012, featured here, is a great example.) 


Kevin Castellano, general manager at Wayzata Wine and Spirits, is a lake area wine and liquor expert.