How Senior Community Services Encourages Independence

by | Jun 2024

Younger man teaches older adults how to use technology.


Senior Community Services strives to empower older population.

By 2030, a quarter of this state’s population will be 60 years or older, which means we need to equip and be equipped to support the senior population. Thankfully, many families are already receiving support through a local organization.

The mission of Senior Community Services in Minnetonka is: “To empower people as they age.” Its multifaceted approach includes broad caregiver support, direct services and senior outreach programs. The underlying goal of all services, however, is to support older generations in living the life they envision.

“Regardless of our age, we should be able to choose how we live, where we want to live … allow people to make decisions that are right for them,” says marketing and outreach coordinator Becky Baskett.

Broad caregiver support is aimed toward those taking care of an older adult, whether neighbors, friends or family. “Caretaking can be incredibly rewarding but also extremely stressful,” Baskett says. “This service provides an outlet for caregivers, including support groups, one-on-one consultations and resource guidance.” Deep diving into specific situations and familial dynamics has proven to be an effective way to avoid burnout and share new perspectives.

Direct services focus on household and outdoor maintenance, including chore services, lawn care and home maintenance. In addition, a robust technology education program supports seniors in their technology awareness, knowledge and skill development. Run by volunteers (often by their peers), electronics presentations, one-on-one support and in-home guidance are all available.

Aside from just being “tech-savvy,” having a good understanding of technology can positively impact those trying to remain independent. From scheduling doctor’s appointments, refilling prescriptions, managing funds and paying bills electronically to finding social opportunities and remaining in touch with loved ones, all are important aspects of life.

Senior outreach programming is directly focused on supporting adults who need additional help navigating a significant life change, such as losing a loved one, facing a medical diagnosis or experiencing a shift in finances or other circumstances. Social workers connect with those in need to understand their unique situation and provide resources in the area and community.

Aside from the myriad of support options, Senior Community Services spreads awareness about ageism and combats common stereotypes and assumptions. “We are all, hopefully, going to be an older person down the road,” Baskett says. “So part of it is to remind and educate people that the life experience and value older people bring is truly unique.”

Special Event

Each year, Senior Community Services hosts an annual conference. This year’s theme is Reimagine Aging and is set for September 27 at the Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center. The direction of the event is focused on core technology services: access, devices and usage.

By the Numbers

In 2023, over 1,000 seniors were assisted through the outreach program, 900 seniors received tech support and 2,000 seniors participated in the home program. Along with staff, social workers and family members, nearly 3,000 volunteers donated 33,000 hours to support the work of Senior Community Services.

Senior Community Services
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