Lens on Lake Minnetonka: Capturing the Great Outdoors

An Excelsior photographer wins second place in the Activities and Events category of our annual photo contest.
SECOND Place Activities and Events by Cindy Barnett

Cindy Barnett, an Excelsior resident with an innate love for the outdoors, especially her beloved Gideon’s Bay, snapped this photo one day late last July.
As she was enjoying a relaxing night kayaking with her husband on the water, she looked up and saw the picturesque colors of the sunset in the sky. The bright oranges and bold yellows were reflected in the water around her. Immediately she reached for her camera and snapped the picture. She also included her feet in the bottom of the shot, for some whimsy and context.

One of her favorite parts about Gideon’s Bay is the nooks and crannies spread near the end of the bay, which makes it perfect for exploring and viewing the water from different perspectives. “I feel a sense of adventure,” Barnett says when she looks back on this photo. It encapsulates her curious spirit, which blends well with her love of the outdoors.

Barnett took this photo on her Canon 5D-Mark 3, an essential for her whenever she leaves the house. She always wants to be prepared to capture a moment that strikes her interest.

“I always travel with a camera, just in case,” Barnett says.

Although she is an amateur photographer, she’s taken classes at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts for the past two years to continue honing her craft. She’s learned about taking photos in a variety of environments, like this one, taken with limited direct light and in the confined space of her kayak, inches from the water.