Lens on Lake Minnetonka: Moana of Motunui

Minnetrista photographer partners with local humane society to find fur-ever homes.
First Place Pets by Tracie Bea Daum

This purrfect black-and-white smile belongs to Moana of Motunui, a foster kitten from the Carver Scott Humane Society. Moana was found when she was 10 months old in an overcrowded barn and rescued along with her four babies, Hei Hei, Pua, Tomatoa and Meow-ie, all names inspired by characters from the 2016 Disney film Moana.
Photographer Tracie Bea Daum snapped this picture for Moana’s adoption file with a Canon 6D camera with a 35ART lens in her photography studio in Minnetrista. The lighting and adorable subject donning a flower crown inspired Daum to pick up her camera that day.

Daum is a professional photographer based in the lake area who specializes in family and individual portraits, event coverage and marketing for small businesses.

Daum’s daughter, Ava Claire, age 10, fosters young kittens with her family in the hope of acclimating them to a home life before adoption to their forever homes. Daum says, “My kids love fostering kittens and have learned so much about responsibility, putting love and effort into something and then giving it to someone else to love.” (The Carver Scott Humane Society covers all costs associated with fostering dogs and cats.)

While Hei Hei, Pua and Tomatoa found happy homes elsewhere, Daum and her family adopted Moana and Meow-ie. The two cats continue to spend their days longing for the tropical beaches of the Pacific, but settle for rays of sunshine through their favorite window.