The Mother of Invention

by | Mar 2021

SNOO rental for $50 a week or $115 a month from Kg. Baby + Child

Photo: Chris Emeott

Business fulfills customers’ needs with concierge service.

The average cost of raising a child in America is $13,000 a year, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Every parent knows that a surprising amount of money is needed for a baby, and many find themselves buying a whole host of equipment—using it only for a few months.

With three growing children, Kat Gilbertson found herself in a similar predicament—saddled with now-unused baby gear and nowhere to put it. “After thousands, and I mean thousands of dollars spent, a few months down the road, we were left with mountains of gear that our babies no longer needed,” Gilbertson says. When a neighbor announced that she was expecting twins and asked if she could rent any of Gilbertson’s equipment, Gilbertson found herself with an idea. Soon after, she launched Kg. Baby + Child, a family concierge business out of Minnetrista.

Kat Gilbertson

Gilbertson’s online business is founded on the goal of helping parents supply their children with the best products and equipment at a reasonable price. “The best and greatest baby gear there is is expensive. It’s expensive, it’s enormous, [and] your babies don’t use it that long because they grow so fast when they’re young … You use it for a handful of months, and then you have to store it,” she says. With Kg. Baby + Child, customers can rent baby and child equipment, with all the bells and whistles, at a fraction of the cost of buying.

Can’t figure out how to get your little one to sleep through the night? Gilbertson often finds herself with desperate messages in the middle of the night from parents of sleepless babies. Try the SNOO, a top-of-the-line bassinet that responds to your baby’s sleep needs with white noise, rocking and a calming, womb-like environment. It retails for $1,395, but you can rent it for $50 a week or $115 a month from Kg. Baby + Child.

Do guests or grandchildren need gear while in town for the holidays or visits? Gilbertson offers the Traveling Mama Bundle, which includes the Solly Baby Wrap, Nuna Sena Aire portable crib and the UPPAbaby G-LUXE Stroller for $70 a week or $150 a month. Items are available for rent individually, with one of these pre-made bundles or with the Build Your Own Bundle.

Gilbertson keeps her items up-to-date by consistently monitoring product recalls. She also is careful to fully disinfect and steam all items and provide user guides to ensure the safety of everyone utilizing her services.

Along with gear rentals, Kg. Baby + Child also offers family concierge services. “I would love to see this grow truly into a full-service concierge for parents, who want to give the best experience to their kids but maybe are short on time,” she says. Her concierge services offer a scope of elements, including design (“creating stylish spaces for your tiny trendsetters”) and health and wellness information (nutrition counseling and personal training)—“No request is too big or too small.”


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