New Photography Book Shows View ‘Above Lake Minnetonka’

by | Sep 2020

An overhead shot of Lake Minnetonka from the book Above Lake Minnetonka.

Photo: Steve Bernstein

New book boasts soaring shots of Lake Minnetonka.

You may think you’ve seen Lake Minnetonka from every possible angle, enjoying everything its unique beauty has to offer, but have you seen it from above? A new book, Above Lake Minnetonka, presents readers with a fresh way to see their beloved lake.

Above Lake Minnetonka Book

A year ago, photographer Steve Bernstein partnered with drone photographer Tom Gustafson to capture the lake in a new way. Gustafson had a background in similar work, having published books of photography: Above Lake OkobojiAbove Clear Lake, and Above Maui.

“This was the perfect project at the perfect time for me. Once we made an agreement, I went on the shoot almost every day,” Bernstein says.

The book was published in March and is sold online, as well as at retailers around the lake, like Excelsior Bay Books and Lunds & Byerlys.

Acclaim for the book is widespread, and Bernstein says that stores have difficulty keeping it on their shelves. While many local families are buying copies, the book is also popular as a keepsake for those who have relocated farther away from the lake. “It seems to be a great way for people to continue to feel connected to the community,” Bernstein says.

Whether you’re near or far from the area, Above Lake Minnetonka presents a new way to enjoy one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes. “My goal was to capture the culture, activities and beauty of our amazing community,” Bernstein says.


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