Art Girls present Abraham with Hummingbird

Mary Catherine Solberg
Are you in the mood for a Big Summer?

The Art Girls Mpls. presents an exclusive collaborative collection by renowned artist Mary Catherine Solberg and internationally acclaimed photographer Giovanna Aryafara.

Art Girls co-founder Kelly Netishen says, “Solberg’s ability to recreate the breathtaking images of the Omo Valley tribes by Giovanna in her artistic version [is] truly a treasure to the art world. The Omo Valley tribes reside in the southwestern corner of Ethiopia. They have long been heralded for their creative and artistic expression using elements of nature.”

Artist: Mary Catherine Solberg

Title: Abraham with Hummingbird

Medium: Original Mixed Media on Canvas

Size: 48" x 48"

To view the entire Omo Collection by Mary Catherine Solberg contact the Art Girls at; [email protected]