Long Lake’s FitHaus Fosters a Fitness Family

by | Apr 2019

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Long Lake CrossFit studio expands its offerings and creates a sense of family and community.

The owners of FitHaus, a boutique fitness studio in Long Lake, call it “a place [where] you can be yourself and work on yourself at the same time.” Founded by two local couples—Brittany Kado-Spears and Tom Spears; and Matt and Katie Stahl—the gym has the popular CrossFit model at its core. In 2017, “we took over a previously existing CrossFit gym that we were part of, both as members and coaches,” says Brittany Kado-Spears. Since then, as the studio has grown, the team has expanded its offerings to include yoga, barre classes, Olympic weightlifting and other methods.

The Stahls and the Spearses bring different backgrounds and experiences—that complement each other perfectly—to their venture. Katie and Matt Stahl are CrossFit-certified coaches who’ve always been fitness enthusiasts. Tom Spears and Brittany Kado-Spears were looking for a place to work out “that would allow [us] to get a great workout, along with a community feel,” says Kado-Spears. As parents of young children, they wanted a space that felt welcoming to their whole family.

It’s important to the FitHaus team that they foster that sense of family and community in everything they do. All of their fitness classes make use of the power of a group, and fill “both your need for social connection and movement in the same hour,” says Kado-Spears. “At any given class, you’ll see at least a couple of kids in our play area while their parents are working out. They learn that exercise is a regular part of the routine, something they are a part of and something to be enjoyed.” FitHaus even offers kids’ and teens’ programs to help foster a love of movement, even at an early age, and to teach healthy techniques.

If the “group fitness” thing leaves you quaking in your sneakers, FitHaus has something for you, too. The coaches offer one-on-one personal training in addition to group classes, and they can help you choose a workout routine that’s a good fit. In fact, Kado-Spears says, although much of CrossFit training is done in a group setting, its focus is on competing against “your previous self,” not against your groupmates. “We track progress and create an atmosphere that makes working out a ‘game,’” she says. “It creates internal motivation. And it creates bonds with the people you are training alongside.”

The sense of community FitHaus has created is real and tangible to its members. “Last year, we had a few of our member families face medical challenges at home,” says Kado-Spears. “The response and outpouring from the rest of the FitHaus community, in support, really shined a spotlight on how deep the connections made here are. It’s truly amazing to see how much our members truly care for one another.” The Stahl and Spears families also make their studio space—and their expertise—available for the wider community; they host beach workouts in the summer, Ragnar teams, outdoor yoga sessions, the local Corn Days race, a holiday pop-up shop for charity and more. Kado-Spears says, “We feel so fortunate that we get to work out in a positive environment. It leaves us feeling energized and fulfilled.”

1916 Wayzata Blvd., Long Lake
FitHaus offers a free trial week to prospective members; visit their website to reserve a spot.


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