Red Sauce Rebellion expands with a new cocktail lounge, Rebel Room

Red Sauce Rebellion expands with a new cocktail lounge, Rebel Room
Cocktails include the I’m Sorry Sapphire (left) and the Nordic Flip.

Red Sauce Rebellion, the tasty Italian restaurant in Excelsior, has been a popular hotspot for dinner and drinks since its opening last December. Based on that success, owners Eli Wollenzien and Deacon Eells decided to expand.

Rebel Room is a chic cocktail bar located in the basement of Red Sauce Rebellion. With a unique bar menu including duck nachos, Parmesan fries and goat cheese crêpes, customers will have a satisfied stomach when they leave.

The most important aspect of Rebel Room, of course, is the creation of memorable specialty cocktails. Greg Martins, operation manager of Red Sauce Rebellion and Rebel Room, says, “Our beverage manager Andrew has put together something really special with these drinks.”

One drink hits close to home for the Excelsior area. The Water Street smash includes Aperol, J. Carver gin, lemon, mint and sugar to hit both sweet and sour notes. Other drinks include a Nordic flip, a reverse Manhattan, and an I’m Sorry Sapphire. Specialty drinks start at $12.

The cocktail lounge is meant to be a neighborhood snug. Martins says, “We want the lounge to have a very relaxed feel for our customers, a place they can wind down at.”