Mound Westonka High School’s Tonkabots Make it to World Championships

by | Apr 2024

FIRST Robotics Tonkabots team 6147.

FIRST Robotics Mound Westonka Tonkabots team 6147. Photos: Gretchen Fleener

The “little team that could” has emerged from the shadows and into the spotlight.

The Mound Westonka High School (MWHS) robotics team, also known as Tonkabots, is heading to Texas to compete in the FIRST Robotics World Championships. FIRST Robotics competitions gather high school students from around the world to let their robotics skills shine. Teams from various high schools work with other teams to build an alliance. These alliances then use their different skill sets to their advantage as they design, build and program robots to compete in challenges.

Tonkabots Robot

Tonkabots’ Robot

Within the FIRST Robotics community, the Tonkabots used to be unheard of, but with the help of its coach and MWHS robotics alumni, Ashton Demmer, it garnered a lot of buzz within the community this year. It won the Best Autonomous Code award and came first in seven different scoring categories, just to name a few of its many accolades. 

These accomplishments were the outcome of hours of hard work. The day doesn’t end when the bell rings for these students. They stay late working on their robots. But not only do they build robots, they also manage things like fundraising and marketing. This dedication to the competition is what has gotten them so far. 

From April 17–20, the Tonkabots will compete in the FIRST Robotics World Championships in Houston, Texas. This competition will wrap up what has been an unbelievable season for the “little team that could.”

Mound Westonka High School Tonkabots
Facebook: Mound Westonka Tonkabots
Instagram: @mwhsrobotics
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