4 Spooky Shows to Stream This Halloween

by | Oct 2020

A woman sits on a couch watching scary TV shows.


Here’s some recommended Halloween season viewing on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.

My podcast consumption remains at an all-time low. Meanwhile, my TV intake is on the rise! As with most things, I have a predilection for all things spooky, so here’s some recommended season viewing on popular streaming services. (Show listings are subject to change.)

Gravity Falls

Two seasons; Disney+/Hulu

If you want to enjoy some spooky fare with the kids, but they’re not quite ready for Stranger Things or PoltergeistGravity Falls is a family-friendly option that mixes adventure and the unknown with bright colors and positive themes. It follows two siblings, who live with their uncle and encounter all sorts of weird happenings in the Pacific Northwest.

Over the Garden Wall

One season; Hulu

Another family-friendly animation, this mini-series oozes fall feeling in its colors, themes and soundtrack. It follows two brothers, who fall into a weird world where they’re on the run from a beast in the woods. Along the way, they encounter weird, spooky and friendly characters that remind one to never make a judgement based on first impressions.

Haunting of Hill House

One season; Netflix

As a fan of Shirley Jackson’s novel, I wasn’t optimistic about this Netflix-original adaptation. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be one of my favorite series. Definitely more adult drama/horror than family-friendly, the show follows one family’s struggle with each other and the more supernatural elements in their lives. It’s chilling and atmospheric—and sometimes straight up terrifying—but so full of heart and details that it’s a gift for any fan of ghost stories.

Twilight Zone

Five seasons; Netflix/Hulu

When all else fails, never question a horror classic! So many plot twists and TV tropes originate in episodes of The Twilight Zone—there’s a reason it’s been able to stand the test of time. Existential questions posed by Rod Sterling in the black and white vignettes still hold plenty of relevance for those watching today. It’s a great way to stir up some spooky feelings and good conversation.


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