Do You Have FOMO or JOMO?

by | May 2021

Person planning and packing for vacation.

Pexels/Vlada Karpovich

This time of year, many individuals and families feel the itch to hit the open road, jump on a plane or explore an exotic beach. How do we spend summer vacation? Do we stay, or do we go?

This is a question we are asking ourselves now more than ever. Many of us are viewing travel differently, carefully weighing our options. Since the pandemic, our reality is that anything can happen. We are taking the time to make sure that the trip is truly worth it and want each moment to count. Quality is replacing quantity.

World events have also moved us to question what is really important to us. Is it a change of environment, or is it quality time with friends and family? Where there once was a fear of missing out (FOMO), there is now a joy of missing out (JOMO). More of us realize there is tremendous joy in not trying to keep up with the neighbors and in slowing down and focusing on the quality of the experience. (Do we spend two days of it traveling, or do we create a staycation?)

I’ve traveled to multiple countries and all over the United States, but I also recognize that there are many adventures to be had and quality time to share with family and friends while staying put.

As you make your plans, ask yourself—are you taking a trip because it’s what you’ve always done? Or, are you planning a trip because it’s right for you and your family? Where do you find joy? Don’t be afraid of the joy of missing out.

Writer and podcast host Natalie Webster specializes in experiences that often push her outside of her comfort zone and helps others expand their boundaries, too.


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