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Voxel Virtual Reality Parlour
Voxel Virtual Reality Parlour opens location in Minnetonka.

Across the street from Ridgedale Center sits the newest Voxel Virtual Reality Parlour, which opened this summer (its original location is in St. Paul). Voxel offers an array of virtual reality experiences. “We opened Voxel with the mindset that it’s a really great group experience,” co-owner Jeff Trinh-Sy says. “We were very excited to expand more.”

Voxel is a popular destination for all ages. “We’ve held birthday parties for 8-year-olds and 80-year-olds,” Trinh-Sy explains. With over 20 experiences to try, there’s something waiting for everyone. Some popular experiences include exploring the universe, climbing a mountain or even entering the famous painting The Night Café by Vincent Van Gogh. —Anna Garrison