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by | Jun 2021

The Fab Tap drinks trailer

Photos: Chris Emeott

The Fab Tap serves up bubbly, flowers and fun.

Do what you love. This expression has been key to many people’s success, and Lindsey Pattee took it to heart when creating The Fab Tap. With a desire to share her favorite things with others, Pattee explains that her interests serve as the backbone of her business. “I always kept going back to the three things that brought me joy—connection, flowers and a bit of bubbly,” she says.

“There are a number of people out there that are celebrating every single day, and we want to be a part of any celebration—large or small,” Pattee says about getting the wheels rolling on her business this past winter. The Fab Tap, which comes by way of a silver 1970s Caravel Land Yacht Airstream RV Trailer, is a customizable experience tap trailer that clients can rent by the hour to host events without the hassle of set up or clean up.

The Fab Tap drinks trailer parked at a home.

This bar on wheels is equipped with eight taps (four interior and four exterior) and can be filled with beverage options including beer, Champagne, cider, wine and non-alcoholic drinks. A bartender is on hand to assist party goers. Available all year, party goers are able to celebrate inside and outside of the trailer. Tastefully decorated with sleek and modern design, The Fab Tap’s interior is decked out with matte navy and white cabinets, brass shelving and fixtures, a navy velvet couch (oh, glam!), a butcher block wet bar and an Instagramable boxwood backdrop equipped with a neon “Be Fabulous” sign. (Talk about social media friendly!)

With a support staff comprised of three of Pattee’s friends (Jessica Maglothin, a seasoned bartender; Melissa Molitor, a floral expert; and Lily Sawyer, an active helper in all things Fab Tap) along with husband, Bryan Pattee (the financier), this mobile venue offers a variety of unique add-on experiences, including flower crown or bouquet making, yard games and other interactive elements, such as personalized music playlists, outdoor seating options and photography. “It is truly versatile as to what it serves,” says Kirstin Currie, Pattee’s business advisor and friend. “It is less about the beverage portion but rather bringing an experience together, a connection together to bring joy.”

Fab Tap Interior

Believing in the power of connection, Pattee has expanded her efforts toward working with other local female-owned enterprises. Supporting businesses such as Amy’s Cupcake Shoppe, Larissa Loden Jewelry and Thirsty Whale Bakery, she is able to amplify their businesses in the community while simultaneously enhancing The Fab Tap clients’ experiences with featured products. (At the time of this writing, Pattee was poised to announce a partnership with Kendra Scott for  a customizable jewelry option.)

With hopes of collaborating with more businesses in the future, Pattee says the relationships developed with other creatives are the best part of owning her own business. “That is the beauty of it,” she says. “There are so many talented women out there, and I have met a lot of amazing people.”

If party hosts want to amp up the experience factor, they can add-on à la carte items to The Fab Tap’s base package. With no limits to the amount of elements added, the possibilities are almost endless. 

Pouring Rose Wine on Tap

Experiential Add-Ons

Friends and a Boombox ($19): Enjoy a customized Spotify playlist that is tailored to the vibe of the event and your music taste.

Friends and Bouquets ($69) or Flower Crowns and Beverages ($49): Work with The Fab Tap team to determine the desired color scheme and the varieties flowers that will be used. In addition, a Fab Tap crew member will provide floral guidance and expertise on how to assemble each creation.

Friends and a Booth ($99): Receive access to a high-quality Polaroid printer, so you can bring your memories to life in an instant.

Friends and Barre-less Barre ($120): Get fit, and have fun during a  one-hour barre session led by certified instructor.

Friends and Bad *ss Games ($149): These custom wood games, handmade by Pattee’s father-in-law, provide interactive group fun for party goers– from beanbag cornhole toss to ladder golf and more.

Furniture and Bubbly ($249): Expand your outdoor space, and incorporate handmade wooden lawn chairs or a harvest picnic table, equipped with throw blankets, rugs, place settings and florals, for an elevated touch.


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