Start Your Marriage on the Right Financial Foot with Financially Engaged

by | May 2020

Hannah and Brady Rein, founders of Financially Engaged

Hannah and Brady Rein. Photo: Financially Engaged

Local business helps young couples take the fight out of financial planning.

Addy Cropsey fondly remembers scrolling through her Instagram the night after she got engaged.

It was two years ago, and the Minnetonka resident was excitedly taking in all the wedding dresses and décor options. But the hashtags she used also dragged up a photo of a young couple standing on a dock surrounded by yachts. They were holding hands and lovingly staring into each other’s eyes. It was Financially Engaged’s first post. Their message: “We’ll help you start off your marriage on the right financial foot.”

“I was intrigued,” Cropsey says. “We were newly engaged, trying to sit down and make our budget for the wedding, and had no clue where to start.”

She and her now-husband Cam Cropsey downloaded Financially Engaged’s free Debt Payoff Plan.

“You’re combining two incomes and two people’s debts–student loans, car payments, all that stuff,” Cam says of the interactive spreadsheet. “Putting everything in one place to get an overall picture of us as a married couple and being able to keep track of when we might pay it off is helpful.”

That help is what Brady and Hannah Rein felt was sorely needed for their millennial generation. The co-founders of Financially Engaged are both CPAs in their late 20s. Their friends would constantly ask for financial advice, which prompted the couple to launch their company in 2018.

“Money can be a very emotional topic. We address it from a relationship standpoint,” Brady Rein says. “Our guide walks you through all the steps–from what you should be discussing to when you should be organizing your finances as a couple.”

Past clients like the Cropseys find the advice so valuable that they still follow Financially Engaged on Instagram long after their wedding. “It’s cool to see people being vulnerable about those things,” Addy says. “Watching them go through it and share financial situations gets us talking about those next steps.”

Financially Engaged
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