What Does Living Your Best Life Really Mean?

by | Jan 2020

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Is this trendy phrase a real thing?

Social media is filled with the caption and hashtag “Living my best life!” Often it accompanies a photo of someone traveling, enjoying themselves at an event or even drinking a cup of coffee. In 2005 Oprah Magazine published a book called Living Your Best Life. Then in 2010, Oprah herself hosted an event titled “Live Your Best Life.” Though the same phrase has been used in song lyrics, I credit Oprah with really making it a catchphrase.

Back then, the sentiment was that we each would be happier if we walked the path we carved out for ourselves. The message was to be the best version of yourself. Makes sense, right? Fast forward 15 years, and “Living Your Best Life” has taken on a whole different meaning.

Social media is full of #livingmybestlife accompanied by pictures of excess and wealth. There is nothing inherently wrong with these things. My issue with it is that symbols are replacing actions in the message to Live Your Best Life.

Living your best life doesn’t mean having a bunch of things, a big house or a cool boat. The example we set in defining success impacts how those following in our footsteps see success. At times, living my best life means exercising patience during difficult situations. Sharing the best version of myself during difficult times. It has zero to do with what I own.

Living your best life is showing up each day and exercising your best efforts at work or home.

Keeping this in mind going into 2020, we could turn this around. Get back to what truly defines us as human beings. It has nothing to do with what we have, but everything to do with how we treat other people. Experience the best version of yourself and share that with the world.

Local media maven Natalie Webster specializes in experiences that often push her outside of her comfort zone, and helps others stretch themselves, too. 


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