2018 Lens on Lake Minnetonka Winners

by | Sep 2018

Working in the Fog by Nelson Hill

Honorable Mention in People & Families, Working in the Fog by Nelson Hill

Congratulations to the winners of our 2018 Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest!

Every year, Lake Minnetonka Magazine accepts photography submissions from the community for our annual Lens on Lake Minnetonka photo contest. The photos are submitted in five categories: Activities & Events; People & Families; Pets; Wildlife & Nature; and City Landmarks. In September, winners were selected by a juried panel. Congratulations to this year’s winners!

Activities & Events
1st place: An Old Right of passage by Ann Beadle-Reinitz
2nd place: Spirit of the Lakes Fireworks by Kristi Jordan
3rd place: Land Canoeing by Nancy Cohodes

People & Families
1st place: Ski Me Down the Aisle by Susan Brodeur
2nd place: A Snowy Day by Emily Joslin
3rd place: Penelope and Her Duck by Tracie Bea Daum
Honorable mention: Working in the Fog by Nelson Hill

1st place: Luna and her Lady by Tracie Bea Daum
2nd place: Tug O’ Ware by Ann Beadle-Reinitz

Wildlife & Nature
1st place: Close Up by Nancy Cohodes
2nd place: Woods of the Lake by Tiffany Schultz
3rd place: Swallowtail on Garden Phlox by Al Whitaker
Honorable mention: Minnetonka Fisherman by Robert Ball
Honorable mention: Snowy Cardinal by Ann Beadle-Reinitz

City Landmarks
1st place: Tracks to Wayzata Depot by Mark Arnold
2nd place: Sailor’s Delight by Mark Arnold
3rd place: Lafayette Bay Sunset by Nelson Hill


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