3 Tried and True Kitchen Tools from Kowalski’s Market

by | Jul 2020

A kitchen drawer full of untensils.


Top three kitchen contraptions that won’t needlessly clutter up your kitchen.

Everyone has that one drawer in their kitchen, overflowing with contraptions and accumulated thingamajigs. They all promise to shave off time and effort from the weeknight cooking routine and impress dinner guests during weekend shindigs. So why does it feel like hardly any of these gadgets get used?

Clear out the drawer and make room for these three tried and true tools—all found at the local Kowalski’s Market—that you’ll be reaching for next time you’re whipping up a savory treat or delectable dessert.

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Garlic Press—$17.99

This garlic press takes the time (and knife know-how) out of getting perfectly minced garlic. The large chamber means you can load up on garlic cloves, while the soft, non-slip handles ensure you get a good, sturdy grip. The built-in cleaner on the back makes for easy cleanup; simply reverse the handles to press out the leftover garlic peels and pop the press into the dishwasher.

The World’s Greatest Rapid Whisk with Double Helix Spiral Blades—$10.99

Make lighter dessert batters, fluffier scrambled eggs, and better aerated whipped toppings with this balloon whisk with a twist. The inner double helix blades will maximize air incorporation when mixing ingredients. Its green and yellow silicon finish over stainless steel makes it easy to spot in the gadget drawer—which is good news, because you’ll be reaching for it a lot.

Mrs. Anderson’s Baking Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat—$15.99

This mat is the perfect weapon against messy cleanup. No more scraping crusty cookie remains off a baking sheet or coating the pan in layers of grease. The silicone glass fiber blend of the mat not only makes for easy release, it helps evenly distribute heat while cooking.

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