Nautical Bowls Goes Mobile with Food Truck

by | May 2020

Nautical Bowls Minnetonka

Photos: Nautical Bowls Minnetonka

Minnetonka’s Nautical Bowls launches a mobile spot for acai goodness.

Husband-and-wife team Bryant and Rachel Amundson founded Minnetonka’s Nautical Bowls in spring of 2018 and have seen their business take off. So much so that they launched a mobile version—the Nautical Bowls food truck—last spring and plan to open at least two other brick-and-mortar shop locations this year. The food truck, where customers can grab one of the shop’s signature acai bowls, had an “amazing, busy” first season, says Rachel Amundson. “We averaged 10 events a week in that baby—so much fun,” she remembers. Check out their website and social media to find out where the food truck is this summer; you can also set up catering for large-group events. Acai bowls are a great chilly treat for the warm months, a perfect (healthier) alternative to ice cream.

Fans gather in front of the Nautical Bowls food truck.

Nautical Bowls Minnetonka
17623 Minnetonka Blvd., Minnetonka; 952.658.8431


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