3 Ways to Help Your Kids Create Their Own Space

by | Mar 2020

An under-the-stair playhouse.

Photo: A.Sadowski Designs

Elevate kids’ spaces with these expert tips and tricks.

Functionality and creativity are not always easy to blend, but when it comes to kids’ spaces, that blend is essential. A child’s bedroom is a space where they can and should feel the most at home. Allowing them to have a say in the creation of the space makes them feel like they are a part of the growth of the house, and elevates their personalities.

“Kids are determining their identity, and you need to allow for that outlet to do so. Give them the freedom to decorate and feel comfortable in their own space,” says Sarah Polovitz of Edina Realty. “Be wild, be bold and have fun, because if anything, you can shut the door to block it out from the rest of your place.”

Polovitz and fellow real estate agent Kathy Rauth are a mother-daughter duo who live, work and play in the Excelsior area. Together they share some tips, tricks and current trends to transform your child’s space into something that is both eye-catching and practical.

Something Old, Something New

Amp up the space using elements that you already own on decorative shelves. Nothing makes a space more personal than featuring a few of your kids’ favorite toys, books, artwork and memorabilia.

Houseplants are an easy way to add a natural pop of color and new life to any space. Not only do they add a textural element to your décor, but they also fill space in a way that might otherwise feel cramped or cluttered with other accent furniture or accessories.

Get Crafty

Kids’ rooms are an expression of the kids, so why not let their own creations shine? Create a space on a blank wall with bulletin boards, frames or clips where they can display their artwork as the years go by. The style of the space will grow with them as the pieces are interchanged over time.

Designate a wall for them to physically change the landscape of the space. Paint the wall with chalkboard paint or allow them to draw on a blank white wall for a personalized mural representing their own artistic eye.

Handmade garland creates a whimsical effect and can be changed as the seasons go. With garland you can incorporate a variety of textures and colors to make any blank wall pop. Use this homemade creation to draw emphasis to key elements in the room such as the bed frame, a door frame or featured window.

Washi tape allows you to create patterns and designs in a way that is less permanent than paint, nails and hooks. It is durable and has the strength to adhere to walls, appliances and furniture without leaving any residue or chipping the paint, making for a cost-effective alternative to tastefully transforming a space.

Be Bold

Play up a theme. Though this can make the space feel disconnected from the rest of the house, it can work to add a stronger sense of personalization to a space. Just remember to keep in mind that kids grow fast and their interests change, too. So be sure to do something that is not only cohesive but timeless such as a nautical theme (perfect for a house by the lake). Use the space under your staircase to create a one-of-a-kind playhouse for your kids. Decorate the outside of it with a window box for flowers, an address and a mailbox as a way to make it feel realistic yet still whimsical. As a custom feature, incorporate similar elements from the exterior of the actual home.

Wallpaper is a great way to add a pop of color, texture, pattern and personality to any space. It also works to incorporate a simple theme for the space. Opt for an accent wall or even install it on the ceiling to make the space appear larger, emphasize the architecture of the room and add character.


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