A Lasting Impression

by | Jan 2021

Woman receives cosmetic tattoo

Photo: Lasting Impression

Permanent cosmetic artist makes her mark in Minnetonka.

With a desire to make a direct impact on her clients, Susan Grothe, owner and artist at Lasting Impression, left her corporate career to pursue her passion in skincare and beauty.

After over 20 years of receiving permanent makeup treatments herself, Grothe gained a stronger understanding for the processes and was fascinated with the science behind paramedical tattoo treatments, which can address issues around acne scars, age spots, cleft palates, deep wrinkles, scars, 3D areola pigmentation and more.

Receiving her body art license for cosmetic and permanent tattooing in 2018, Grothe actively researched and completed a 200-hour apprenticeship, which other surrounding states do not require. Minnesota stands firm in its requirements, and Grothe supports that decision, as it’s in the clients’ best interests. “I fix a lot of work from people who are not properly trained,” she says. Limiting her treatments to two clients a day, Grothe ensures quality in the outcome of her work. “I really try to understand each client, what their lifestyle is and what their goals and objectives are,” she says.

After having a double mastectomy eight years ago, client Sandie received areola tattoos at her doctor’s office. Performed by nurses, who did not have much experience in the art, her one-dimensional tattoos significantly faded over the years, exposing a flat, scarred surface with just a pink shadow remaining. Turning to Grothe’s areola pigmentation services, Sandie says that the 3D nipple and areola she received are much more realistic and artistic. “During a double mastectomy, they take everything away,” she says. “This [the 3D areola tattoo] gives me something back. Having a real looking areola and nipple makes my breast look more real and natural.”

The most rewarding aspect for Grothe is seeing the positive shift in her clients’ attitudes after treatment. “Feeling good about how you look is a wonderful way to boost confidence and has such a marvelous effect on self-esteem,” she says.

Definition Menu

Microblading: enhances natural brows with fine, hair-like semi-permanent pigment strokes

Ombre or Powder Brows: strives for a fuller look, mimicking the techniques used with eyebrow pencils or shadows

Combination Brows: shading and microblading techniques used to create a denser, fuller brow look

Skin Needling Techniques: work to counteract aging and increase collegian production using various techniques

Permanent Eye Liner: lash enhancement, classic eyeliner and designer eyeliner are available options

Permanent Lip Liner/Lip Color: creates fuller, more defined lips and add color to the area

Scar Camouflaging/Visual Reduction: using a variety of flesh-toned pigments to visually minimize the affected area

3D Areola Pigmentation: creates an image of an areola after breast reconstruction using strategic placement, coloring and sizing to mimic the visual image of a protruding nipple on the body


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