Adventure is Barking

by | Aug 2021

paddle boarding with a dog

Photos: Ava Broscoff

Trainer works with owners and pets in real world settings.

Who said letting the dogs out was a bad thing? With Adventure is Barking, there is no limit to what you and your pet can do together; whether it’s dining out, shopping, outdoor adventure seeking or even participating in weekly training.

Adventure is Barking helps dog owners train their pets through “real world” situations, so dogs are prepared and trained for any number of settings. Sara Spevacek, owner and certified professional dog trainer, uses a variety of tools to find the best way to train each dog and owner. Her training philosophy is focused on the idea that “every person and dog learns differently, just like kids in school. So, we adapt our training styles to fit the individual,” says Spevacek of Mound.

All of its services are individualized to work with client needs and offer opportunities to train dogs outside of the traditional classroom, including private lessons in dog-friendly stores, venues and parks. Furthermore, Spevacek says it offers group training classes in those same environments to guarantee owners are ready to bring dogs to various settings.

Dog Jumping off Dock

Speaking of settings, Spevacek has a few favorite dog-friendly spots, including Back Channel Brewing Co. in Spring Lake Park. “We all know the patio life is big in our area, especially in the summers, but nobody enjoy the stressors of ill-behaved or ill-trained dogs in those settings, so we help prep you for that,” she says, also pointing to Wayzata’s CōV (her favorite dog-friendly patio) and The Hotel Landing as spots to visit.

Beyond meeting initial training goals, addressing the relationship between owner and pet doesn’t stop there. Spevacek offers her clients weekly, morning pack walks that include training lessons and weekend getaways, such as the planned Duluth retreat in September. “We hike by day and do yappy hours at night,” she says. “[It’s] a great opportunity to escape with your dog and meet other dog lovers.” She also regularly offers opportunities to try a new activity with dogs, such as paddle boarding and skijoring.

“Dogs have always been a passion, but it wasn’t until after college that I realized that I could turn my passion for teaching and my passion for dogs into a career,” Spevacek says. After graduating with a degree in teaching, she felt that a career within a school system wasn’t exactly for her. She began working as a receptionist for a large animal boarding business and, eventually, worked her way up to running its training facility. “It was truly the best of both worlds—dogs and teaching,” she says.

Client Carole Leomporra trains her goldendoodle, Rosie, with Adventure is Barking. “Sara is knowledgeable, savvy and has a wonderful way with dogs and human beings,” she says.


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