Arboretum Hosts World of Pumpkins

by | Oct 2021

World of Pumpkins Display

Photo: Susie Hopper

A pumpkin is a pumpkin is a pumpkin—well, not really. Discover why during the month of October as the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum presents the World of Pumpkins Display at the Oswald Visitor Center.

The displays will include popular, heirloom, unusual and international pumpkins and squash (both ornamental and edible categories) in colors ranging from white to purple, orange to green and more. This year’s event will welcome, Carrie, Freddie, Igor, Thor, Scarface, Cronus, Hermes, Diablo and El Toro. White pumpkins, including Blanco, Shiver, Moonshine and Valenciano will be on hand. Grizzly Bear makes a return, and a series of fire-themed pumpkins, Fireball, Blaze, Flame and Spark, will be on deck, too.

Jenny and John Thull (the arboretum’s pumpkin growers) planted about 290 varieties (pumpkins, squash and gourds) in arboretum fields. While they’ll be on display at the visitor center, some will be for sale at the AppleHouse in October.

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