Beauty Goes Natural

Salon owner shares her natural beauty picks for fall.

Kassandra Kuehl is no newbie when it comes to the beauty industry. She attended the Aveda Institute in 2000 and owns her own successful salon, Beauty Ecology, in Wayzata. After turning to a healthier lifestyle, she began to see how damaging some popular beauty products could be.

“Once you see the truth [about chemicals found in many products], it’s very hard to un-see,” says Kuehl. “We live in a very toxic world.” At Beauty Ecology, she works hard to help clients learn about the healthiest ways to have great hair and skin, but also to make sure they leave happy and satisfied. “Our guests truly feel cared for. It’s one place where women can trust we’re not there to ‘sell,’ but to inform, and transform the health of the hair and skin, and inform them of the best personal purchases,” Kuehl says.

In her salon, Kuehl uses products she has formulated herself. Recently, one of her popular lines included the chemical cannabidiol (CBD), which can help with stress, sleep issues, pain, headaches and more. “I am adding and developing a line of CBD herbal-infused tinctures, a topical skin booster, medicinal bath soaks and a protein recovery powder,” says Kuehl. “We use whole plant extract and transparent seed-to-sale test verification.”

Clients are visiting Beauty Ecology not only from the lake area, but from all over the metro. Kuehl says they can purchase her custom products to take home with them, too. “It’s time to expand our message and [bring our experiences to the homes] of many as we expand our brand creations,” Kuehl says as she looks forward to the future for Beauty Ecology.