Color Fields: ‘A Sense of Time and Kindness’ by Mel Tudisco

by | Sep 2022

Abstract painting with red and green brushstrokes.

Photo: Mel Tudisco

For me, style is a self-defined approach to how you furnish your home or choose the garments hanging in your wardrobe. Art can have many stylistic approaches, and you collect based on a subjective emotional response. Abstract is a form of art that allows the audience to see or feel many different responses. I love the way A Sense of Time and Kindness is uplifting with the use of warm, saturated colors. The artist puts so much thought into her pieces by organically and gracefully adding positive affirmations into the composition.

Artist: Mel Tudisco
Title: A Sense of Time and Kindness
Scale: 36×60
Medium: Original Oil on Panel

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