Gardening Guide for the Summer

by | Jul 2024

Woman Gardening in the Summer

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In the heat of the summer, watering gardens and trees can become an important task. There are a number of simple techniques we can employ to optimize the water needed in the hot month of July and keep gardens lush and vibrant during the peak of summer and beyond.

Mulch gardens, but don’t forget the compost. Compost or organic material in the soil greatly improves water retention. After mixing in compost, add mulch or wood chips over exposed soil to reduce evaporation that occurs when the ground is cooked by the hot sun.

Water in the evenings or early mornings to avoid the heat of the day and the risk of scalding the leaves and losing moisture to evaporation. Longer soakings with less frequency ensures that the root systems grow deep into the ground where there is a cooler, more moist reserve. By doing so, roots will avoid growing near the surface, making the plant more susceptible to drought.

Choose native species that will need less care. These plants evolved to grow in the wild and to compete with others for moisture, which often leads to deeper roots to weather total saturation and droughts.

Alison Feik of Excelsior has a degree in landscape architecture and holds a wealth of knowledge about local plants and gardening. Grow more at


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