A Colorful Hopefulness

by | Mar 2022

Set Me Free by Ky McDonald

Painter: Ky McDonald

“There’s no place like home,” proclaims Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz. Our homes are the foundation of all of our hopes and dreams while exuding a warmth beckoned by the people that inhabit the space. They are a reflection of our hearts, our personalities, our travels, our furry friends and our treasured memories. I love how local artist Ky McDonald exquisitely captures the architectural elements of a space as it unfolds with drama upon the canvas. My imagination takes off with anticipation as I dream about who will gather to share a story at this table that McDonald paints with a colorful hopefulness.  Home, sweet home.

Artist: Ky McDonald

Title: Set Me Free

Scale: 36×48

Medium: Original oil on canvas

Contributed by Hollie Blanchard of The Art Girls. Find more at artgirlsmpls.com.


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