Create Your Own “Best of” List

by | Jul 2021

Airtight Kitchen Containers

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Whether I’m scrolling through social media or picking up a magazine, I am always drawn to the “best of” lists. Having those recommendations can make life a bit easier. Let me share with you my can’t-live-without home organizing products.

  • Air-tight canisters for cereal, flour, sugar and rice: This product not only extends the life of food, but can be easily labeled and stacked for effortless arrangement. 
  • Label makers are essential around the house and at the office. The advantages in identifying the contents of a bin or folder are to simplify, reduce stress and save time.
  • Honeycomb drawer organizers can be invaluable for arranging socks and underwear for easy access and selection.
  • Consider items that serve a dual purpose, including a storage ottoman, a laundry basket with built-in ironing board or a workbench with a wood top, storage drawers and electrical outlet.

Give these items a try, or create a list of your own by identifying your needs or “pain points” (paper piles or disordered closets, etc.), and find products to address those issues. Consulting with an organizing expert is also helpful in finding the best products for you and your family.

Kira Vanderlan operates a decluttering, organizing, staging and design company.


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