A Daytrip Tour of Downtown Excelsior

by | Jul 2020

An illustration of downtown Excelsior.

Our editor’s guide to where to shop and eat in downtown Excelsior.
Breakfast at Red Bench Bakery

Enjoy a perfect mix of French baking sophistication and neighborhood vibes. Sample a flaky Danish, a hearty ham and cheese croissant, a muffin or a decadent chocolate croissant.

Slept late? Not to worry, Red Bench rolls out its stellar lunch menu at 11 a.m. Also, it’s never too late for a quick coffee pick-me-up.

Red Bench Bakery
284 Water St., Excelsior
Facebook: Red Bench Bakery
Twitter: @redbenchbakery
Instagram: @redbenchbakery

Shopping Strategy

If back-to-school clothes shopping is the name of the game, there’re quite a few boutiques that tackle two tasks at once. Spots like Martin’s and Ooh La La Boutique offer both kid and adult clothing selections, so you can browse for yourself while getting your student set up with some new fall staples.

Ooh La La
274 Water St., Excelsior
Facebook: Ooh La La Boutique
Twitter: @Ooh_LaLaFashion
Instagram: @oohlalaboutiquemn

Martin’s Boutique
212 Water St., Excelsior
Facebook: Martin’s Clothing Boutique/NorthShoreApparel
Twitter: @martinsclothing

Toy Store Explore

Be wise enough to ensure good behavior upfront by promising a trip to the toy store. Something Safari is great for checking out the latest games and outdoor gear. This store is sure to give your kids a second wind.

Something Safari
310 Water St., Excelsior
Facebook: Something Safari

Treat Yourself

Whew! You did it. You shopped and didn’t drop. Now treat everyone with a cone or a scoop from Licks Unlimited or Tommy’s Tonka Trolley. Take your ice cream along on a walk down to the bay, where you can pick out an ideal spot in the shade at the Excelsior Commons to watch boats (and people). Relax and enjoy. You’ve enjoyed some of what’s best in the area.

Licks Unlimited
31 Water St., Excelsior
Facebook: Licks Unlimited
Twitter: @LicksUnlimited
Instagram: @licksunlimited

Tommy’s Tonka Trolley
Lake St, Excelsior
Facebook: Tommy’s Tonka Trolley
Twitter: @TonkaTrolley
Instagram: @tommystonkatrolley


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