Discover the History Behind Your Home

by | Apr 2023

Vintage Photo of Old Excelsior Home

Photo: Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society

Homes hold stories of the past and progress. For older homes, those stories can be mysterious. If you own a story-filled house in the Lake Minnetonka area, you may be able to discover what your home has to tell you with the help of the Excelsior-Lake Minnetonka Historical Society (ELMHS).

The society’s archives hold thousands of local historical records, photographs and materials of special interest to those researching building and house history in the Lake Minnetonka area. The collection also includes photos taken in 1956, 1978, 2004 and 2018 of almost every home in Excelsior. Some of these photos have been scanned and uploaded to, which is shared by over 40 Minnesota historical societies.

Knowledgeable volunteers are available to retrieve materials and assist with research in the archives by appointment or remotely by email or phone. Scans, photocopies and more extensive research are available for a fee.

Those passionate about historical discovery are needed to assist visitors and work with the collections in the ELMHS archive. Volunteers are needed for scanning, cataloging, data entry, filing, conducting research and more. Training is provided.

Kirsten Pardoe serves as the secretary of the ELMHS Board of Directors. Discover more at


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