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by | Apr 2024

Historic Lake Minnetonka Home

Photo: Lake Minnetonka Historical Society

Lake Minnetonka has many historical homes to appreciate—both large and modest in size.

Area homes listed in the National Register of Historic Places include:

  • Allemarinda and James Wyer House (Wyer/Pearce), Excelsior*
  • Crane Island Historic District, Minnetrista
  • Peter Gideon Farmstead, Shorewood
  • Schmid Farmhouse Ruin, Minnetrista
  • Thompson Summer House, Minnetonka Beach
  • Wayzata Section House, Wayzata

*The Wyer/Pearce house, built ca. 1887 at 201 Mill St., was long one of the largest homes in Excelsior. It was owned by Allemarinda and James J. Wyer II and later by Fred Pearce, owner of the Excelsior Amusement Park. Repurposed many times over the years, it has held apartments, a gallery, offices and a bed and breakfast, and it is now restored and remodeled into condominiums.

The newly consolidated Lake Minnetonka Historical Society Research Archives has a large collection of property records, maps, directories and photographs available for area historical home research with knowledgeable volunteers ready to help homeowners dig into their homes’ pasts. Visit the archives in the lower level of the Wayzata Library, 620 Rice St. E., Wayzata. For additional information, including hours, go to

Kristen Pardoe is a member of the Lake Minnetonka Historical Society, which tells the story of Lake Minnetonka by collecting, preserving and sharing its history. Discover more at


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