DIY Design Bar Helps You Achieve Your Home Renovation Dreams

by | Oct 2019

Bridget Chirigos sits at the DIY Design Bar at Chirigos Designs

Photo: Rachel Nadeau

The DIY Design Bar at Chirigos Designs in Wayzata sets customers on the right path to achieving their dream house goals.

In 2015, Texas native Bridget Chirigos moved to Wayzata from Houston to continue her interior design business, Chirigos Designs. Last June, she launched her long-awaited DIY Design Bar concept, which opened as part of Chirigos Designs in Wayzata.

DIY Design Bar allows clients to come in and receive guidance for their home decorating and renovation projects from the expert design team—without committing to the long timeline and logistics of a full design contract. It’s an especially good fit for DIY-ers who love the thrill of building projects themselves or have expertise in a particular area of design already. The design bar menu features a variety of services, including space planning, material guidance, color advice and project kick-starters. Each customer receives a tailored package that includes one-on-one advice to set them on the right path to achieving their dream house goals.

“We do everything with passion,” Chirigos says. “Our biggest focus is to bring a personalized client experience and a story to their house.” Chirigos works to create a strong relationship with each client in order to design a space that fits each of their unique stories. “My excitement is being able to enrich their lives,” Chirigos says. “I cannot do something simple or quick without thoughtful design. It is just not in my nature. If they are going to invest in something, it needs to be done right.”

Prior to each design bar meeting, clients are encouraged to upload photos of their homes and clips of inspiration to an online folder that Chirigos provides. This way, Chirigos and her design team can be prepared with potential solutions to the customers’ needs and “hit the ground running” at appointment time.

Not only is this process made simple for the clients, but it also helps them communicate with contractors who might be working on the building or renovation itself, Chirigos says. Builders often don’t consider specific design details—like the color of finishes or the size of door handles—that can make or break a space. With the help of the design bar, clients leave with a roadmap that ensures a clear, effective and tasteful solution.

With Chirigos Designs approaching its 10-year anniversary, Chirigos hopes to eventually expand the design bar services through the addition of section specialists, where customers can find a designer matched to their specific needs. Specialists would have extensive expertise in topics such as layout, color and exterior. In addition, she hopes to extend the availability of design bar hours to five or six evenings a week to increase the convenience factor for clients.

“There are so many things that can make our lives easier within a space and still make it beautiful,” Chirigos says. “It isn’t all about style; it is about function and ease.”

DIY Design Bar
18315 Minnetonka Blvd., Wayzata
Rates from $195 to $395

Menu includes:
Space Planning: Floor plans, furniture layout and lighting
Material Guidance: Countertops, tile, cabinetry and flooring
Color Advice: Paints, finishes and fabrics
Project Kick-Starter: How-tos for starting on your needs and project size


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