Dog Threads Makes Fun Clothing for Your Furry Friends

by | Oct 2017

Dog Wearing BBQ Shirt

Dog Threads’ popular BBQ shirts are made for pets and their people. Photo: Dog Threads

Gina and Scott Davis launched their family business, Dog Threads, in late 2014, and had their first retailer, Lucy & Co., even before their line had officially been released. Based in Long Lake, Dog Threads offers cute and fun clothing for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

The Davises looked to fill a niche for fun clothing for dogs, and create an enjoyable experience for both dogs and their owners. “Our dog, Thomas, loves being dressed up, but we could never find clothing that fit his personality,” says Gina. Thomas, a 9-year-old pomapoo, was the inspiration for starting the business, and his likeness is the logo for the brand. He also continues to model the clothing for their website and social media platforms.

Their most popular items are Hawaiian print shirts, called “BBQ shirts,” that are also available for humans. The shirts were originally targeted to smaller dogs, but with the release of XL and XXL sizes, Dog Threads are now available for dogs weighing 4 to 140 pounds.

Gina and Scott embrace the light-hearted nature of their business, focusing on the positive energy in their brand. As another incentive to get involved with Dog Threads, they donate a portion of their profits to Secondhand Hounds, a nonprofit animal rescue organization.

“We get that it can be silly and is not always necessary, but we love animals and want to allow them and their owners to have fun,” Gina says.

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