Enhance Your Hair’s Natural Beauty at Lake Minnetonka’s Best Salon

by | Jul 2020

A woman models her new hairstyle from Lavish Salon Wayzata


Lavish stylist Ashley Halland talks about the latest trends and techniques for enhancing your hair’s natural beauty.

“In our salon, we specialize a lot with balayage and dimensional color,” says stylist and co-owner of Lavish Salon Wayzata Ashley Halland. “We do a lot of extensions; we do a lot of hair color that’s trending in the sense of that ‘lived in’ look.”

There’s plenty of ways to let your hair be more natural, while also enhancing certain elements at the same time, Halland notes. An increasingly popular way to achieve this effect is balayage highlights.

“Balayage is basically a technique where you’re freehand painting the hair, getting it to look pretty natural, like how the sun would lighten it naturally,” says Halland. “It’s a nice way to keep your natural color and get more dimensions and tones in the hair so it’s not as flat.”

Halland says it’s not difficult to give balayage a try without jumping in headfirst. “Even just putting a few pieces around your face is a huge way to brighten it up,” Halland says. Another perk: no drastic difference between the highlighted hair and the natural color growing in. “The grow out process is much kinder than a traditional foil, for sure,” says Halland.

Extensions are also gaining popularity, especially as techniques advance and improve. “There’s quite a few of us who do hand-tied extensions. That’s the latest, most technologically advanced method. It’s the least tension on your hair, so they’re really good for medium to fine hair.”

And they’re not only for those looking to lengthen their locks. “I have a lot of clients that don’t necessarily want their hair to be longer, they just want to fill in the sides a bit,” says Halland.

These extensions are real hair, chemically cleaned and processed …

“It’s all real hair so you wash it like normal,” says Halland. “You can curl it, blow-dry it, flat iron it, color it; it acts as your real hair.” You come in every seven to nine weeks to have the beads reset, depending on your hair growth, but you don’t need to purchase new extensions each time. “You can reuse the hair for about nine months, so you don’t have to invest in the hair every time.”

Humidity giving you headaches? Try these top product tips for staying stylish this summer.

  • ColorProof HumidityRx Anti-Frizz Weatherproof Spray “It’s kind of like a finishing spray but it’s pretty light.”
  • Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil “It’s a blend of six different, really lightweight oils that actually go into the cuticle of the hair so it’s not just sitting on top of it.”
  • Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It “It’s a product that you put in when you don’t want to blow-dry your hair but you need a little something to enhance your natural texture.”
  • Kérestase hairsprays are really nice for anti-humidity.

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