Enjoy Live Music at the Wayzata Musicales Concert Series

by | Mar 2024

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Come see a Wayzata High School band alum perform live.

The Wayzata Musicales Concert Series returns to the Blue Water Theatre for its final 2024 performance, Tickling the Ivories. From 7–9 p.m. on April 6, experience the musical stylings of string instrumentalist Cierra Hill along with Wayzata’s own Scottie Miller.

Miller is a noted pianist and vocalist from the community, best known for his blues and roots music. With over 3o years of experience touring internationally and 11 albums under his belt, he continues to carve out a successful career for himself. As the keyboardist for singer-songwriter Ruthie Foster, Miller attended the 2024 Grammys with Foster for his contributing work on their Grammy-nominated album Healing Time.

Chip Williams (left) and Scottie Miller (right).

Chip Williams (left) and Scottie Miller (right).

Miller spent two years at Wayzata High School (WHS), where he won an Arts Incentive Scholarship as a senior. Through his music classes, he became inspired by his band director, Chip Williams, the organizer of the Wayzata Musicales Concert Series. “Chip’s mentorship and WHO’s priority on music and the arts were invaluable to me. Playing in the Wayzata High School Band and participating in other music offerings at the school were an important part of my musical journey,” Miller says.

“When I first encountered [Miller] in the Wayzata music program, I recognized his unique and diverse musical talents,” Williams says. “It’s been fun for me to watch [Miller] grow as a musician. He’s built an amazing career, and the success he’s enjoyed is well deserved.” 

Williams’ passion for bolstering the local fine arts community is one of the driving forces behind the Wayzata Musicales Concert Series, which supports up-and-coming young artists through its scholarship fund. The second driving force for Williams is bringing some of the most talented musicians from around the Twin Cities to perform in Wayzata. “I’m proud to be a part of this music series and see the passion in which Chip Williams continues to bring to music and education in our community,” Miller says. 

Joining Hill and Miller on stage is another Wayzata High School alum, vocalist Carissa Eldridge Schultz.

All ages. $14-$24. 7-9 p.m. Blue Water Theatre Company,  605 Rice St. E.; 952.855.9147; bluewatertheatre.com


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