Entrepreneur Tees Up Golf and Travel

by | Mar 2023

Ashlee Ciora golfing with friends.

Photos: Chris Emeott

Travel company Women on Fairways links a love of golf up with curated trips.

Ashlee Ciora was living in downtown Los Angeles when her life coach repeatedly told her, “I see green in your future,” Ciora says.

As senior director for international travel for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, Ciora’s work world was upended in March 2020 when the pandemic hit. “Do I stay in L.A. or what?” she asked herself. Ciora called her family in Minnesota and moved back in early 2020. “I had to figure out a new path,” she says, though staying in tourism and hospitality was a given.

“I didn’t really have anything to do, so I played golf with my family,” says Ciora, a Medina resident. She grew up in a golfing family, so it was a way to be outdoors, have fun and stay healthy. Ciora also joined the LPGA Amateur Gold Association Minnesota Metro Chapter, the largest women’s golf organization in the world and played with local members. She heard those women say, “’When travel opens up, we want a golf trip,’” she says, and a light came on.

Ashlee Ciora

With her background, Ciora immediately thought about a business featuring women’s golf trips, consulted with other golf and travel experts and decided the niche was perfect for her. Women’s golf is big business in the U.S. There were 6.2 million women golfers in 2021, and, last year, $1.53 billion was spent on women’s golf equipment and apparel. There is a meteoric rise in the number of junior women golfers taking up the game.

After doing more research, Ciora learned that there are only about five companies in the country that specialize in women’s golf trips. She founded Women on Fairways LLC and was soon a solo entrepreneur, developing a concept of experiential trips for women golfers and bootstrapping her business from the ground up.

She’s done everything to get Women on Fairways rolling. Ciora designed her own website, wrote the copy and built its pages. She’s also her own public relations person, marketing professional, financial expert and operations leader. “Women want to talk to other women about a golf trip,” she says.

Ashlee Ciora golfing with her friends.

As part of the business model, Ciora pulls together Swing and Sip golf experiences, small escorted golf trips for women. She plans the transportation, activities, golf, shopping, spa time or whatever clients want. “It’s fun, noncompetitive and great for professional women, moms or a group of friends,” she says. “All they have to do is show up with their clubs.”

The trips aren’t just zeroed in on golf (two rounds are scheduled and a third round can be added). It’s that experiential element that sets Women on Fairways apart from men’s golf trips. “With guys, everything is about the golf. They go to Ireland, to Scotland. They play all day. They stay out all night then tee off again at 6 a.m.,” says John Glozek, publisher of NYGOLF Magazine. “What women want is beyond the golf. They want dinners, spas, getting together, the entire experience,” he says.

“Ashlee’s timing is perfect for this,” Glozek says, and destinations like Palm Springs, California, and Boyne, Michigan, are prime locales. “Imagine walking around Mackinaw Island with a glass of wine at sunset after a day of golf,” he says. “She’s so focused and excited to present these trips,” he says of Ciora.

Other options include having a golf pro available before tee offs and offering wellness, yoga and health opportunities during the trips. “Women always want to improve their game, but they also love the 19th hole,” Ciora says, referring to a bit of post-round fun. “We want these trips to be very relaxed, have drinks on the course if desired, take carts and enjoy how good golf is for you,” she says. (Cost for an escorted Women on Fairways trip is based on single and double occupancy and varies depending on the destination and resort.) The second focus of Women on Fairways includes nonescorted golf travel trips.

As Ciora continues to chart her business, she evaluates golf courses for future trips. “These are not bucket list courses [Pebble Beach or Torrey Pines courses],” she says. “Those courses are hard to get on, and they are male dominated,” Ciora says. She has specific qualifications she looks for when deciding on a course. It must be a playable, but the amenities are just as important to her. “Off the fairways, I look at the pro shop,” she says. “Does it have a good selection of women’s clothing and gear? What are the carts like? Are the bathrooms great? Is the clubhouse welcoming with good food? I’m not interested in a place that [just] had a snack stand.” The resorts, in her estimation, need to be first class with great food, spa amenities and beautiful rooms.

Golf Clubs in a Golf Cart

As for the future for Women on Fairways, Ciora plans to offer golf trips for solo travelers and for couples. She’d like to help design member golf trips for private country clubs. “I want Women on Fairways to be golf and lifestyle,” she says. While a lot of golfers gravitate to Florida, she’s interested in booking trips to California and Arizona, which provide different experiences than the Orange State.

Speaking of color, evidently, Ciora’s life coach was right. “Now, my life is nature and trees and golf—all green,” she says.

Fairway Fashion

Admittedly, golf sports some of the bests fashion options in the athletic world. Ciora shares her favorite styles:

Pullover hoodies are a must.

Golf attire translates off the greens, too. Think joggers
on and off the course.

Golf skirts are functional, sporty and classy. She favors navy and white skirts by Puma and Calloway as part
of her traditional, classic look.

Leave your handbag at home. Instead, get a wristlet or small makeup bag for essentials.

Splurge on golf shoes, which must be comfortable and structured to protect golfers from wet and cold surfaces.

Golf Shoes

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