Get in Step with Travel Packing

by | Feb 2022

Woman packing a suitcase for vacation.

Pexels/Vlada Karpovich

Smooth travels begin with organized luggage. Saving space, packing efficiently and preparing in advance can provide the freedom to enjoy much-deserved time off—wherever travels lead.

Whether your destination is a sandy beach, woodsy camping grounds or destinations abroad, many trips require a pair of good shoes. I recommend packing footwear in travel shoe bags, which will help prevent other clothing items and necessities from getting soiled or absorbing odors.

Pro Tip: Place bags near the top of the suitcase, so they can be easily removed from the luggage should the case weigh over the allotted 50 pounds at airline check ins.

Traveling can be costly, especially when flying, and baggage fees can add to the cost. To save on expenses (and space), pack efficiently by using compressible packing sacks. Small, compartmentalized pouches are handy for a variety of items when traveling.

Pro Tip: Tuck the smaller pouches inside shoes as a space-saving measure. 

Disconnecting from work and school during vacation is desirable, but let’s be honest, leaving electronics at home just isn’t realistic. Don’t forget to pack charging cables and cords. Soft-sided travel organizers with a reasonable amount of pockets, slings and holders are ideal.

Pro Tip: If flying, keep these items in your carry-on luggage.

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