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by | May 2022

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Face Foundrié provides tips to maintain healthy summer skin.

With warmer days shining from above, it is tempting to point our faces to the sun and soak up the rays while we can. But that can come at a cost to our skin.

We turned to the team at Wayzata’s Face Foundrié, founded in Edina in 2019, to learn how we can take care of our skin while enjoying outdoor activities along the beach, on the water or wherever else we find ourselves this summer. Cheyanne Thurston, chief operating officer, provides tips and hints to keep in mind, especially during the warmer months.

Face Foundrié

What does it mean to “practice good sun?”
You should wear your sunscreen all year-round, especially in the summer as you are outside more frequently. Make sure that you are using a sunscreen and reapplying to make sure that you are taking care of your skin.

Changing your skincare routine for the summer, you need to be a little less harsh with your skin because you are exposing it to more things. Calm down your retinol use, for sure not using it in the day and maybe slowing it down to once or twice a week. If you are going to continue to use that in the summer, definitely apply sunscreen regularly because it (retinol) does allow your skin to burn a little bit easier.
How should we hydrate our skin?

Both drinking water and utilizing physical hydration with a moisturizer are very important. Hydrate your skin from the inside out. Having dry skin and being dehydrated are two different things. While moisturizer can help with dry skin, it is never going to totally solve everything.

Are skincare tools worth the hype?
The facial cup essentially provides a vacuum-type motion [to help] move that fluid down your lymphatic system to then detox your body properly. The ultrasonic skin scrubber uses ultrasonic frequency waves to implode the pores with water or infuse with different serums. So, with extractions for example, it is going to flood the pores with water to completely lift everything and rid of all of the gunk and debris out of the skin to leave your skin [very] fresh and clean, allowing your products to then penetrate deeper and more efficiently.

What Face Foundrié services are best to utilize in the summer months?
All of our services are great, but I think something that is really popular in the summer is the Cryo Queen, which uses cryo technology or cool therapy. It helps tighten the skin and close the pores, and it promotes blood circulation to help fine line and wrinkles, and assist with acne concerns.
The collagen mask is also great year-round as it helps with dryness in the winter, but in the summer when your skin is a bit more sensitive from experiencing the sun, it can help heal your skin and keep it healthy and strong.

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